Shoe Redo

I have plenty of shoes that I can’t use because they have a broken strap or buckle to r just don’t fit anymore. I can’t donate them so I scoured the internet for ideas to use and share of course.

Add bling to cover up blemishes or rips

Baby shoe Christmas decor

The obvious shoe garden

Add fabric or ribbon

Baby shoe pin cushion

How To Make An Umbrella Door Wreath | Hometalk

Upcycle a damaged umbrella with paint, flowers and a ribbon or rope. Love this idea from Hometalk.

Not Your Grandma’s Dining Room

A few years ago I was in Boston at my boyfriends grandma’s home. She was about to reach 100 years in age and insisted on making us dinner. She proceeds to remove her vintage silverware, plates, cups and saucers, fabric napkins with a beautiful floral tablecloth, all from a Victorian style buffet chest. The candlesticks were lit, the matching table and chairs were filled with hungry family members and dinner was served. 

It seems like gone are the days of making a production out of dinner time but I do love the unique style everyone is using to assemble a dining set. Apparently anything goes when it comes to tables and chairs. Benches, crates and mix-matched metal and wood chairs are the new farmhouse look and I love it!

Holiday Wreath Ideas

With fall and cooler weather right around the corner I started to get excited about decorating for the holidays. Unfortunately Its a little too early to pull out the Christmas decor, (I had to talk myself out of it) so I decided to go to work on a fall wreath and found these great ideas on

Remember, upcycling is more exciting and budget friendly if you use what you have or use products of nature like pine cones, dried flowers, twigs or leaves. The best upcycle is original and it’s free!


Cut up those old ties


Tie those twigs together


Cinnamon sticks adds holiday scent

Cinnamon sticks adds holiday scent


Old ornament collage

Leaf wreath


Platter upcycle wreath


Add inspiration with ribbon


Gourds, pumpkins and leaves