Simple Upcycling Tips

Upcycling is exciting and can give anyone a sense of accomplishment when projects are completed without breaking the bank while using your own creative ideas. Here are a few tips to keep your upcycling fun and inexpensive.

1. Use what you have. If you’re like me you have stuff lying around in a garage or a closet somewhere that can be repurposed. Think outside the box while on your search.

2. Before you buy anything new check out your local thrift store, Craig’s List, or yard sales. There are some awesome deals out there that can be found just by taking the time to shop. With a little time and effort you will end up with something new and unique.

3. Upcycle items with good bones. Inspect your finds and make sure they are strong structurally or are only in need of minor repairs. Unless you are a skilled carpenter, keep it simple and easy.

4. Use paint. Update something drab with a quick coat of paint. There are so many different painting techniques you can apply to update the appearance of an item. Do a little home work to make sure your paint job will stand the test of time using primer and sealers. 

5. Use fabric. By recovering an old canvas painting or changing fabric out on a barstool or dining chair you can get a new, updated look that’s just your style. Upcycling T-shirt’s with great graphics has become popular recently.

6. Use outdoor items indoors and vice versa. Nothing is simpler than pairing a set of bistro chairs with your dining table or hanging a your favorite wind chime indoors. Use an indoor wicker chest as a coffee table outdoors or place an end table next to your favorite adirondack chair.

7. Add hooks or decorative knobs. Get organized and add storage by adding hanging hooks to a wooden sign, a door, or an old shutter. Turn virtually anything into an instant work of art with a few clear acrylic knobs which can also be used for hanging items.

8. Use chalk paint. Take advantage of this fun new trend. A simple coat of chalk paint put onto a kitchen cabinet door, desk or chest adds instant fun and can stimulate creativity in children.

9. Repurpose containers, platters and vases. Don’t underestimate the power of an old jar, pitcher or colander. These items can be used to store items in or plant your favorite herbs in. A beautiful platter can become a decorative focal point in your kitchen or dining area.

10. Surf the web. I’ve gained inspiration for some of my best ideas from Pinterest, DIY, and home and garden websites.



Unique use of baskets for storage




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