These  adorable farmhouse galvanized metal containers are great for storage and will add a country feel to your kitchen or pantry. The unique distressing and rope jute handles give this set a unique flair.


What To Buy Your Friend Who Is Going Through A Breakup | HuffPost

This is a funny read only for those who have a sense of humor!

Breakup Gifts Ideas

Unique Foxy Welcome Sign

IMG_0310.JPGFarmhouse Fabric Fox Welcome Sign

Need a new take on a Welcome sign? Welcome your guests into your home with this cute little guy by placing him on a porch swing or rocker. Foxy would be great sitting on steps leading to your front door or indoors on an entry way table.

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Memorial Day DIY Flags

Memorial Day is often thought of as a vacation day or just another day off our busy work week but it’s truly a time to honor our veterans who have lost their lives keeping you and I safe. My heart goes out to those who have lost a loved one who was fighting for our country. Show your patriotism with your own flag DIY style of course. 

Breadbox Happy

I love old, vintage breadboxes that have been brought back to life by happy crafters. Here are some great examples of redo’s by others who are love breathing new life into dated and tired pieces. The possibilities are endless so grab a hold of one and re-create!

Happy Vintiquing!

Rusty Can Upcycle

Follow this link to learn how to make these fabulous rusty planters. Can Planter How-to

Not Your Grandma’s Dining Room

A few years ago I was in Boston at my boyfriends grandma’s home. She was about to reach 100 years in age and insisted on making us dinner. She proceeds to remove her vintage silverware, plates, cups and saucers, fabric napkins with a beautiful floral tablecloth, all from a Victorian style buffet chest. The candlesticks were lit, the matching table and chairs were filled with hungry family members and dinner was served. 

It seems like gone are the days of making a production out of dinner time but I do love the unique style everyone is using to assemble a dining set. Apparently anything goes when it comes to tables and chairs. Benches, crates and mix-matched metal and wood chairs are the new farmhouse look and I love it!

Lighting Up Your Life….

With a vintage match safe. I was reading Kovel’s May newsletter and came across this interesting article about Match Safes. They were used to keep matches dry and were small enough to fit nicely into ones pocket. Made of silver and other metals the style of match safe one possessed was said to reflect a persons stature. I was amazed at the range in pricing for them today have learned that they are highly collectible. These pictured are for sale on eBay. Who knew?


Outdoor Tablecloth Weights

I could have used these Easter Sunday. Great idea!


With summer coming up, I found this great solution for a problem outdoors! Do you have this problem??? Wind blowing your tablecloth all over the place….It gets pretty windy here! I love the tablecloth I have on the outdoor table. The problem is….it blows all over the place. I’ve been thinking of different items I could use to weight the table cloth down. I wanted something that I could remove also, if I have to wash it . I have perhaps too many bins of ‘stuff’. I found some curtain clips. Now I just have to figure out what to add to them for weight. These are some of the options I had:

I decided I wanted sparkle! Of course. So I painted the clips with Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint.


I decided to go with the marbled vase fillers. They have weight and would look pretty with the silver. I…

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