Outdoor Tablecloth Weights

I could have used these Easter Sunday. Great idea!

Pine Cone Easter Decor

Because they’re free….

After picking up rotten oranges and pine cones that made their way onto my lawn I decided to toss the oranges but not the cones. I needed something to fill terra-cotta pots for my centerpieces and I recently saw a wreath made of painted pine cone bottoms. Just in case you didn’t know it the bottom of a pine cone looks like a flower when painted. So I pulled out some happy paint colors and a paint brush and went to work. Then I added chalk paint to the pots so I can write funny stuff on them for the party. You know, Hoppy Easter, For peeps sake, egg-cellent etc….  Did I say funny

5 Easy DIY Projects to Repurpose Those Items You Put In Storage – Madeleine LaFerney


Some of my favorite things…

In my former nomadic life there were some things that moved with me from place to place and some things that were not worth hauling around unless it fit into a cardboard box. 

I purchased this picture about ten years ago and she still speaks to me. I must have moved my household about 8 times and she went along for the ride, except for one or two of my tiniest of tiny apartments. 

When I finally took a giant leap and purchased a home I made dang sure there would be a wall just for her, along with a bedroom for my son of course. So there she hangs quietly and modestly in my quaint little living room to remind me now that I am home. 

Selling Vintage

Turning trash to treasure and dough. 

It all started one day, quite unexpectedly, while vintiquing when I came across a shop that rented booths to vendors who had stuff to sell. I made some inquiries and before I knew it I was drooling at the thought of becoming a part of this rustic, quirky shop in the Melrose district in downtown Phoenix named Qcumberz. All I had to do was stock the booth and price each item with a little help from the owner and I began earning cash. 

Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t happen overnight and you have to do your homework to figure out what sells and who your shopper is to generate a profit. So, I stalked the other vendors for ideas and to see what items were flying out of their booths so I could tag-a-long. 

Unfortunately the owner had to close his doors and after selling for about a year, my first little shop had come to a close as well. Luckily there were quite a few options in my area that were available to me. Antique malls are big here in the Phoenix area so I moved on. 

I’ve taken a break from this because I am selfishly vintiquing and hoarding found objects for my new, old, historic home. But, beware, I will be back to stalking again in your friendly neighborhood antique mall. 😉

Upcycled China Cabinet to Pantry

When I saw this sad, lonely china cabinet sitting in a thrift store for only $19 my eyes widened and my heart started racing. You all know that feeling when you find a diamond in the rough for next to nothing! I scooped it up and took it home and went to work. My new small kitchen in my old historic home was short a pantry so I knew this would come in handy.

First the doors came off. They were missing the glass and I wanted open shelving so I didn’t have to fight for my food because that would make me angry. I added chicken wire to the sides, again missing glass, to contain my bags and boxes of goodies. A couple of coats of white chalk paint, some baskets and pails, and there it was. My answer to all of my cannned and dried food storage problems and it hides some small appliances underneath too. Petite but sweet!