Outdoor Tablecloth Weights

I could have used these Easter Sunday. Great idea!


With summer coming up, I found this great solution for a problem outdoors! Do you have this problem??? Wind blowing your tablecloth all over the place….It gets pretty windy here! I love the tablecloth I have on the outdoor table. The problem is….it blows all over the place. I’ve been thinking of different items I could use to weight the table cloth down. I wanted something that I could remove also, if I have to wash it . I have perhaps too many bins of ‘stuff’. I found some curtain clips. Now I just have to figure out what to add to them for weight. These are some of the options I had:

I decided I wanted sparkle! Of course. So I painted the clips with Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint.


I decided to go with the marbled vase fillers. They have weight and would look pretty with the silver. I…

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