Vintage Book Upcycle Ideas


Use pages to wrap gifts

Don’t give away those old books ladies and gentlemen! Let your imaginations run wild and put those pages and hard covers, that have a great vintage vibe, to use.


Make a holiday wreath


Paper flowers make a cute garland


Cute birdhouse made from children’s books


Stack colorful books in unique shapes

Repurpose CD’s as Party Invitations

I found a simple way to make unique party or wedding invitations using cd’s and labels. Print or order labels, attach them to a cd and mail them out to friends and family.
I purchased a huge stack of cd’s, five years ago, with every intention of using them ALL by burning all of my favorite songs on to them. Of course, like many of you, I still have a pile of them stacked next to my computer, and what a great way to make use of them.
There are labels you can purchase and print anything you want on to them, then just peel and stick to your cd. You can also order cd labels online with different themes some of which are shown here. If your ambitious enough add songs that coordinate with your party theme.
Simple, easy and great way to repurpose those left-over cd’s!

Vanity stool t-shirt upcycle

I found this vanity stool at a thrift shop for only $10.00! It’s tarnished gold frame and it’s bland fabric seat was crying for help. I had a great vintage looking t-shirt that was given to me as a gift, and a can of black spray paint. I removed the seat, painted the base and stapled the shirt on the bottom of the seat. Attached top back to base and I had a “wow” moment. I love it and it will look great in my sons room as our small tribute to the Beatles.